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-You are pining over someone you can't have?

-All the guys you like are already taken?

-Only guys you aren’t interested in ask you out?

-You intimidate guys, and that's why they won't ask you out or stay in a relationship with you?

-No guy can really handle you?

-Lonely and really want someone to share life with?

-You are totally amazing and have no idea why you are still single?

-You have incredibly High Standards, that no guy seems to measure up to?

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-Be in an amazing relationship with a man you love and adore, and he loves and adores you?

-To take any situation with guys and turn it around into attracting the ones you want?

-To feel safe around all men, and not feel threatened by the "icky" ones?

-To attract your dream man?

-To be open and available so your man can find you?

-To feel feminine and powerful at the same time around men?

-To stop attracting Boys who are intimidated by you, and start attracting Men that adore you for you?

-To Rock any date you go on?

-To feel confident and secure no matter what is going on in your dating life?

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-How being your true self and expressing your desires attracts the man you want

-How to set boundaries so you can feel safe to be your true self

-How to interact with Men in way that is empowering to you and attract Men of High Quality

-What to do when you feel hopeless and how to turn it around and attract men

-How to disengage from undesirable Men and how to handle rejection from Men

-The Best Questions for an amazing first date and how to secure a second one

-How to keep your energy and vibration high so you can keep attracting men 

-How to use any date to improve yourself and attract even better dates

-How to balance between being strong and ambitious and being feminine and receiving

-How to shift the energy in your relationship right now, so he starts desiring you

-How to go from chasing to being pursed... hard

-How to know when to keep going in a relationship and when to pull out

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I wanted to Tell you how much the “sexy” workout two weeks ago influenced me. Or more the remark to send out appreciative energy to men in general and especially to express gratitude when they do something that we like. Sooo many men of different ages last week seemed to be more open to me, and three guys even winked at me! Lol! That has not happened in forever. Your comments have made me reflect on myself, my deeper mindset, and help me to shift my energy, thinking and intentions. Thank you as always Liz!

-Belinda H.

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Liz has been working with me as a coach in my singleness for about 6 weeks now.  We have scheduled weekly phone conversations that last about an hour and we discuss how the week went, the progress on dating, changing my thought process, how to switch my mood into a higher vibration, and much more. She helps me focus on all the good of everything, for example when I see a new couple get engaged or married she helps me change my thought process on “I can have that” instead of “I wish I had that”. She has been coaching me on how to be available, how to look for opportunities to be available, and that it is ok to vulnerable. Instead of talking negative about men she coaches me to say things like “All guys are wonderful”. She also coaches me on positive affirmations such as “I am good enough to have what I want” and “Hey that can happen to me”. She is really preparing me for something amazing to happen in my life. I already feel a shift in my mood and energy. I know Liz is going to do great things for all you beautiful single women. She has a gift and this is just the beginning for her. Look out all you single women. Liz is here to get you the man of your dreams. 

-Jenna H.

Each session I have had with Liz has left me feeling like a strong sexy badass woman. Liz has an ability to see the gaps in where I wasn’t fully loving myself or claiming my value as women. I highly recommend working with Liz if you keep leaving relationships feeling like your needs were not met. Or you keep finding yourself stuck in a cycle where you are giving more than you allow yourself to receive. Liz stands for true honoring of self, love for ourselves, and claiming the highest of value for ourselves that floods over into the type of men we attract and the types of behaviors we are willing to cultivate in a partnership. My work with liz has made me a better lover to myself with in turn has helped me thrive more in my relationship to others. Thank you Liz.

-April R.

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Liz always gives me great advise, she hears me and helps me work through problems or issues in my love life I cant always do on my own.  Her advise makes sense and it works, I enjoy talking with her, it always makes me feel better knowing she'll have a solution, or even just a sympathetic ear. I would recommend liz to anyone needing some help in their love life.

-Julie K.


-Video: How to Handle "Who Pays" like a powerful Feminine Woman that feels good for both you and your date

-PDF: “First Date Questions That Ensure a Fun First Date vs. an Interrogation”

-Workbook: “Making Your Own Dating Affirmations Workshop”

-Video: “How to use Oracle Cards to help calm you down and give you direction when your brain is mush”

-“How to Treat Men to Attract the Ones You Want” Digital Program!!! Worth $197!!!

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What Exactly is in this course?

-Six video modules, with a workbook and homework for each module

-Over 10 hours of bonus material

-Previously recorded group calls that answer women’s real life dating problems

How is this course delivered?

-The video modules and bonuses are on the website under the section Members. You can watch the videos and download the workbooks from there.

What do you learn in each of the Modules?

Module 1 - How being yourself and expressing your desires attracts men you want to date

Module 2 - How to set boundaries to attract the men that are right for you

Module 3 - The Best ways to interact with Men to attract the good ones

Module 4 - Why your interactions with other women may be blocking men you want. How to change that to not only attract men, but have great female friends also.

Module 5 - The energetic difference between finding and attracting men and how to be in your desirable state.

Module 6 - How to have a great First Date and how to secure a second one and beyond

How do I know this course will work for me?

I have over 18 years of experience in coaching, and dating and relationships are my passion. I care deeply about everyone who enters my course, and put my heart and soul into them getting the dream love they desire. What makes this course different from other dating courses, is I have not always been successful in dating. In fact I was really bad at it. Through years and years of practice and mistake after mistake, I started noticing patterns of what worked and what didn’t. I’m here armed with all the knowledge of my mistakes and all my success from dating, to help you make less mistakes and attract your man faster. I know and feel your pain, and I can tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I can see the patterns that cause relationships to work and what doesn’t. I’m here in your corner cheering for you!!!

Also, this course may take a couple times of working through it to see the results you really want, but I can assure you, that if you work the principles in the course and don’t give up on yourself, you will have the dating life/relationship you desire!!!

How do I get the best results out of this course?

-Show up, give yourself uninterrupted time to watch the videos and do the homework. Some of the homework may be challenging and trigger you, but that is exactly why you need to do it. Where you feel triggered is where you need to dig in push through and that is when you will get the best results.

-Show up for yourself. Start listening to you and what you really want 

-Accept and love yourself, no matter what happens in the external world (we go over how to do this in the course)

-Come in with the attitude that this will give you the results you are looking for

-Keep going with the practices you learn in this course even after it is done. Sometimes it takes a min for things to start snowballing in the right direction. Don't give up!!!

-Try out everything in the course, even if it feels uncomfortable - that way you know for yourself you are giving it your all.

How soon can I expect to start dating?

-This is different for everyone, you will probably start dating before the course is over. Whether or not its the man you are meant to be with for the rest of your life depends on what is supposed to happen for you.

Who this course is for.jpg

-A Single Woman who wants to date men she likes

-A Woman in a relationship who wants to feel like she is the prize and being pursued by her man

-A Woman who wants to relate with men better, either at home or at the work place

-A Woman who wants to get better at making her dreams a reality

-A Woman who wants to feel more confident in every day life, especially when it comes to love

-A Woman who really wants dating to be more enjoyable

Who this course is not for.jpg

-Men, sorry this is a course for women

-Anyone who wants to blame others for why their love life is not the way they want it

-Anyone who is not willing to try new things to get better results

-Anyone who wants a sub-par, unfulfilling, substandard, dysfunctional or crappy relationship

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$100 for 12 bi weekly payments!!!

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