3 things to do in the beginning of dating to have him desire you

Do you find that you have no problem getting a first date or connecting with a man, but find it terribly hard to get a second date or get into a longer term relationship wit a guy you like?

The beginning of dating is very important especially if you aren’t dating a lot of people you like. This could be because you are super picky about who you will go out with. You may be super busy with other things in life so getting out isn’t top priority. But deep down you really want an amazing relationship with a guy that lights you up.

Someone who makes you excited and gives you butterflies at the same time:)

And it can be devastating when you finally find someone who makes you feel the way that you want, and it seems to be going really well at first and then either they stop calling/texting, or they just don’t put any effort into having a relationship with you

It can make you feel like there is something wrong with you. It makes you want to pursue them more and make them yours. But ultimately it just feels sad and hanging onto hope that it will work out seems difficult

Well in this video I’m going to go into somethings you may be doing in the very beginning of dating that is killing your chances with the guy initially

I tell you what they are and the ways you can avoid them.

And if you feel like you have already “blown it” with a guy you like, remember it’s not over until YOU say it’s over, until you are the one that decides he is not the match for you. When you can shift and get your energy in the place that matches what you want miracles happen and the guy you wanted or something much better comes a long!!!

So watch this video, comment on it and tell me the kinds of dates you really want to be going on with the guy that makes you feel amazing!!!!

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