The Beauty of Maybe

I love dating advice that helps women stand up for themselves and stop accepting bad treatment from guys. One bit of advice I don't agree with is when you like a good guy and he isn't quite matching up to your standards is to cut him off and say "no" to him. I explain why the place of Maybe will be more beneficial to you and even move on quicker than a "no" does.

Watch the video, it's about 10 min!!!:)

Things you will get from the Video

-Why you are attracted to the guys you are attracted to

-Why saying no to a guy you still are attracted to doesn't work

-How to use the space of maybe to move on quicker in a way that feels good to you

-What the space of maybe is

-How this will help you attract the right guy faster

There you go Lovelies!!!

When you are in the space of maybe it is super important to have support, so you don't fall back into a place of "I'm not worthy, so I'll just accept the bad treatment" . I don't want that to happen to anyone, so while yes I believe a space of maybe will help you heal and move on quicker and find better quality men, you have to know what to do with yourself in that space!!!  That's why I have my program Attract the Man you Want.  I teach you the ways that each guy you interact with helps you heal yourself and help attract your man to you!!!

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Lots of Love,