The beliefs that stop us from having the dating life we want and how to change them

What is your Favorite Reason for Why you are not dating? Or Attracting people you want to date?

Are you:

  • too stressed

  • too busy

  • only finding unavailable men

  • not getting out enough

  • don’t have enough energy to get out

  • not finding anyone you are attracted to or fits your standards

  • guys you like don’t like you back

  • guys you like don’t want a serious relationship

None of these statements are ultimately true and the only reason they may be true in your life right now is because that is what you believe. So to have something different show up for you, you have to make a new story and start finding ways to prove this so it becomes your new belief!!!

Maybe you can’t quite get behind the opposite of your negative/non serving belief because you have been thinking it for so long, so go a little easier on yourself.


Non supportive belief: Guys I like don’t like me back

Belief you want to have: Guys I like, like me back (This doesn’t ring true for you…yet)

Try: I’m willing to believe that guys I like, like me back

All that needs to happen is for the new story you are telling yourself to feel a little better than the old belief and it will start to show up for you.

One way to help solidify a new belief is to make a tally sheet with your new belief on it and whenever something happens that shows this belief is true, make a tally and you will start shifting to your new belief.

Or you can take the belief you have and decide that this is no longer going to be a belief I have. I am thinking this instead and just decide from a place of your own personal power this is how your life is going to go!!!

You are powerful once you truly decide and stick to something, there is no other option but for that to happen.

You can’t second guess yourself though cause if you do, you go right back to manifesting what you were before. And it’s ok if you do, you can aways decide again and start over!!!

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P.S. Watch the live video below to see this explained real time!!!:)

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