Calm, Confident, and no Head Bashing!!!

So I realize I'm not the best writer, which is why I love making videos and talking about the subjects I have:) . I'm really a bullet point, check list kinda woman, so here is the bullet points of the video I have for you today!!!

Today I'm talking about the space from first attraction to first date and on to the relationship. How to handle the insecurities that happen in "THE SPACE" where nothing is happening!!!

What this video goes over

-The things we do when a guy isn't calling/ texting back

-How we sabotage relationships that are just getting started

-How to get out of that negative mindset

-The importance of you being happy right now, in this moment 

-Giving yourself the permission to be happy without a guy, so he feels like he wants to be with you

-The calm confident attitude that is oh so attractive

-Knowing you can be happy and enjoy your life regardless of whether or not the guy is in it, (this is super attractive)

And one little thing I did want to mention that I didn't quite go over in the video is, when the guy shows back up, When you are happy to see him, not from a place of "I have to be happy so you will want me", but from a place of truly being happy with yourself and what you have been doing, you are so much more attractive and he will want to be around you even more!!!:)

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Love, Love, Love you ladies!!!!

Watch the video, its about 12 min:)

Lots of Love,