The Challenges of setting Standards in your Dating Life and how to Overcome them

If you are dealing with annoying problems in your dating life, like getting ghosted, not getting asked out on dates, guys being wishy washy to you, or super clinging. This video is for you on how to start changing all that and have the relationship you really want!!!:)

Here are my amazing Bullet points about the video, (cause I really like recording videos, not writing)

-How to notice when you need to set a standard

-How to set the standard

-How you actually get that standard to be met!!!! (super important info here!!!)

-What do you that allows the standard to be un met, and how change that (again amazing breakthrough stuff here!!!)

-Real life examples from many common dating situations (yeah, you will want to watch that)

-How other parts of your life may be affecting your dating life and how to find them and fix them:)

Now what I mean when I say Standard...

Standard is the way you want your dating life to go, or how you want to be treated.

Example:  I only want to have sex with a guy that sees me at least 3 times a week outside of work.

If you are dealing with any issue in your dating life that you can't find the solution to, this video is super good to help you start figuring out how to fix it!!!  (The video is about 12 min)

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There you Go Lovelies!!!

Have an amazing Day!!!

Lots of Love,