Do you approach the guy or let him come to you?

I'm sure you have heard both arguments when it comes to men, some people say "be feminine and let him come to you" . And others say "let the guy know you are there and approach him" . I'm going to talk about the different that needs to be present energetically for either of these statements to be true in practice!!!

Watch the video!!!  It's good and will give you some great take aways!!! It's Approximately 13 min

Key Take aways from the video are:

-If you let the guy come to you, you need to be 

   1. Think the thought "Oh I would like hm to come talk to me."

   2. Confident that he will approach you

   3. Unattached to if he does or not (ie, stop thinking about it)

   4. Patient in letting him come to you (it usually takes longer than if you just approached him yourself, patience my dear!!!)

   5. Eye Contact and smiling doesn't hurt as well

-When you approach a guy you

   1. Must have the intention of just getting to know him in the present!!!  No future thinking!!!

   2. Keep the interaction short and friendly, don't try to get him to do anything

   3. Feel into whether he is leaning in our leaning back

   4. Be aware it's easy to get caught up in doing energy and feeling too pushy and eager, make sure if you do an approach that you listen to your intuition when you are in the situation with him and pull out when needed.

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Lots of Love,