It's time to feel good about Dating

A lot of times you will read dating advice that tells you the things you are doing wrong with dating, or where dating isn't working, such as when to know he's just leading you on and wasting your time. This can be discouraging and instead of helping you in your dating life it ends up disheartening you.  In this video, I go over what to look for and focus on instead, so that you can have the dating life you want and see the positive results you want to see!!!

This is a shorter video!!! about 5 min long:)

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Also!!!  Big News!!!  I will be co-hosting a Live Dating Event in San Francisco, CA on Jan 3, 2019!!!  If you are in the bay area, I highly recommend you attend this event!!!  It's going to be epic!!!  I will be sending out more information later with more specifics about the event!!!:)

Let me know what you thought about the video and if you would be interested in coming to my live dating event on Jan 3rd!!!

Have a Fabulous Thursday!!!

Lots of Love,