Freaky Friday and Kim Kardashian

Happy Wednesday!!!  Lately I have been having really vivid dreams and I have been remembering them which isn't normal for me.  And two nights ago, I dreamed about switching places with Kim Kardashian!!!  I talk a little bit more about it in the video I made.

The lessons I learned from this dream was, What would someone I admired do with my life?  Am I living the way that I really want to?  When I woke up the next morning I knew there were some things that I needed to take care of right away and start making changes to.  

This video is probably my shortest one... you're welcome... And what I really want to get across to you and have you start thinking about is how would your life be lived differently if someone you admired was in your body and in your life?

How would they respond to the men in your life?

How would they approach the dating situation you are in?

How would they stand up for you at work?

Know that you can be that way too, you have an inner bad ass in you that is more powerful than anything!!!

I want the best for you!!!

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Alright have a fabulous Week!!!

Lots of Love,