Getting Clear Communication From Guys you are dating

I made an awesome video about how to get great communication from Guys when you are dating!!!! Watch the full video below:)

And here is a summary of the tips I gave:

  1. Change your belief that men are bad communicators. You need to believe that there is a chance that men can be good at communicating or all you will attract is men who are bad a communicating. And to be honest it’s just not true that men are bad communicators, they are great and the next couple tips will help you start to see that as well.

  2. Get Clear yourself. What do you want with this guy or in general? If you don’t know what you want, you are sending mixed signals. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. And don’t try to cover up your true desires, they will come out eventually.

  3. Be clear to the men and women around you in your communication. Is there any area that you are not telling the truth or leading someone on? Now is the time to clear up anything you may have muddled.

In my program Attract the Man You Want, I go over how to communicate with men clearly in a way that shows love to them, empowers and ultimately gets you what you really want!!!

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