Happy New Years!!! Pace Yourself Love Birds;)

Happy New Year!!!  Yesterday I did a facebook Live about dating in the New Year, but the quality didn't turn out so good, so I'm not sharing that video with you today :( . Bummer!!!  

However I will write (for once) about my best advice I can give you for starting this new year and continuing to date or just starting up to date:)

The fun thing about the New Year is that it feels like a fresh start, 2018 is gone and now we have 2019:) . Which is wonderful.  I'm sure you have some goals or intentions for the new year and you are ready to get started!!!

The best thing I can tell you is start with where you are at, don't try to be a champion and reach all of your goals right at once, and then get disappointed when you don't achieve them.

In the Movie Return of the King.  There is a scene with the villain Gollum, and he has an awesome monologue.  And the Phrase I love out of this Monologue is: "Patience, My Love, Patience!"

You will get everything that you want and desire, just take it one step at a time!!!

To have the most success in Dating take it day by day.

1. Find one event to go to a week where you can meet new people, (if that is too much and stresses you out, once or twice a month)

2. Think the Best about what ever dating situation you are in!!!  That positive attitude will give you more confidence, make you more attractive, help other people feel good around you and they will want to hang out with you!!!

3. Enjoy yourself every moment, if there comes a moment where you feel lonely, acknowledge that lonely moment, its not you, nor is it real, and you can choose to feel different:) . Choose the way that you want to feel, loved, adored, desired and you will be!!!  Plus then you won't need a guy and anything he does for you is extra and feels amazing:)

4. Listen to what you really want!!!  Get clear on that and stop living and acting from a place of fear!!!  What if everything was going perfectly right now and I wasn't worried about anything?  What do I want?  How do I want to feel?  What is something I can do for myself right now?

You have the ultimate control over your dating life!!!  You get to decide what happens, not by controlling others, but by being in complete control of yourself!!!

I know this year is going to be an amazing year for you!!!

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I am so excited to be brining you even more amazing content this year and help you on your dating and relationship journey!!!  It's a marathon not a sprint, for all you sprinters out there, take it slow, know it will happen, cause it will!!!  I'm here to help!!!  I'll see you at the Live event tomorrow and in more amazing videos throughout the year!!!:)

Lots of Love,