How to Be the Girl that gets all the guys

This one is for you if you are the girl who loves going out with your friends, but is finding that the guys aren’t approaching you or talking to you. Or if they do talk to you they want to get to your friend, and they ask for your friends number and not yours.

You may have felt that, maybe your friends are just prettier than you. Or maybe they are more fun or sexy than you.

You love your friends and you have a good time with them, but there is a part of you that wants to be desired when you go out too. You want to have your pick of the guys and always have someone to flirt with. You would like to get a date the natural way instead of having to swipe on Bumble or any of the other dating apps you are on.

Well my dear you can!!! This is totally possible for you. I know it because I was you.

I would go out with my gorgeous girl friends dancing and guys would always be coming up to my friend and not me. It didn’t matter that they were married and I was single. The guys just saw my friends and wanted to be in their presence and could give a rats about me.

I was always the nice easy going friend and my girls loved going out with me, because I was always down to dance and was a ton of fun for my girl friends cause I would support them in anything and was the best wing woman.

Then one night I decided to change everything. I was out with a bunch of gorgeous volleyball players all 6 foot+ sexy, fit, females in San Francisco. When I looked at myself compared to them, I knew that I would disappear in the crowd again if I didn’t make a shift. So that night I decided I was going to be the hottest girl there, I that I was going to hold my own with these gorgeous women around me. I was the hott sexy short one of the group and I owned it.

Needless to say this was the first night I experienced more men than I can remember coming up to me, wanted to dance with me, buy me drinks, asking me to play pool with them. By the end of the night I literally had a waiting list of guys in the bar waiting to get the chance to talk to me!!!

After that night I knew I had stumbled on a secret and something to change my life. Over the past 3 years since that night I have perfected my method of attracting guys when going out and now, I walk into a room, I always have my pick of whoever I want. Every time I go out I am always asked out on a date. And I have amazing fun times every single times. And it doesn’t matter who I’m with, I can be alone or in the presence of any of my gorgeous girl friends.

In this video I explain the process and what is needed to make the shift into being the woman that all the guys want to come over and talk to.

If you are sick of swiping and want to date guys you already have chemistry with then you need to watch this video!!! Going out is going to be so much more fun for you!!! And you will have much better date options!!!!

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Lots of Love,