How to calm your worry and fear when he's not texting back

I made this awesome video!!! (of course all my videos are awesome!!!) . But really, this video is special!!!

Why you may ask?

Well because in this video I am actually physically going through the process I’m describing how to overcome in that very moment!!! That’s right, I was freaking out about my man not texting me back!!!

And I knew what to do, so I did it and I share the process in this video.

End Result, Of course my guy text me back and we had one of the best conversations yet!!! I am the happiest woman on this planet!!!

So watch the video, cause it’s a powerful video and you get to see how I actually and physically change my vibe and get into an attractive state.

I do want to let you know though, it was’t like my guy texted right after I finished the video and finished the process I will show you in the video. Nope, he didn’t text me back till the next evening!!!

There was still more that I had to go through and release before I got what I wanted, and I want to share that with you now, because its the second part of attracting what you want into your life.

I’m not going to lie, I did want him to text me back sooner, and I was a little mad that he didn’t.

But I have decided it’s never about the guy, it’s always about me (its’s a much more empowering place to be in) . And I started naming all the reasons why it was good that he didn’t text me back right away. (I did that today) . And I went through it until I actually felt good about him not texting me back right away. I knew he would text me back, eventually… . But I didn’t want to feel like I was a last thought like all my negative thoughts were telling me.

So when I got myself into a grateful place of him not texting me back and got myself focused on what I needed to be doing. I didn’t worry about him texting me anymore. And from that space of complete let go and trust, that was when he showed up. He apologized for not responding to me right away and we had a really nice connection time with more to come in the future!!!

So watch the video, leave me a comment, and share it with your friends!!!

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