How to end your jealousy with other women

I was the most jealous competitive woman you knew!!! I had to be the best at everything and anytime I wasn’t I felt less than and without knowing it treated other people badly! I couldn’t stand it when another woman was talking to a guy I liked. It made me feel insecure and the actions I took after of clinginess and over trying would push the men I liked away.

The saddest part was I didn’t even know I had a problem. I just knew anytime I met a new woman I would size her up, to make sure I felt better than her other wise I would have to go do something to make myself feel better. (Go workout, go on a diet, go buy new clothes, finish a complex project etc)

I can tell you right now jealousy is not fun. Feeling like because someone else has something you can’t is terrible. You may not even know you are jealous, but if seeing another woman who has something you want makes you feel anxious or a little mad or sad, then this video is for you!!!

I can tell you that when I finally got rid of my jealousy, and now I use the feelings of jealousy for good, my life has changed!!! I have amazing friendships with women. Women are no longer my competition and they have become my dear sisters instead!!! This has not only improved my relationships with other women, but also makes me look 20x more confident in front of guys as well. There is no wonder now when I go out, I have a line of guys waiting to talk to me. (Hint, its not my looks, it’s because I’m not competing with the other women)

So watch this video comment on it, let me know what things women do make you a little jealous and then tell me how you can have it too!!!

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