How to Let go and allow Universe to bring you what you want

When I was struggling in my dating life and I kept forcing things to try and make something work. All of my mentors would tell me to let it go!!! Nothing would frustrate me more, as a go-getter woman, the concept of letting go made no sense to me!!!

After years of practicing and really having no other choice, but to learn to let go, I finally was able to let go, get the results I was wanting, and be able to do it over and over again. Now that I’ve had practice, I am releasing how to let go for all of you who don’t understand or trust what that means!!!

In this video I lay out the components to letting go, that I had to figure out myself and I explain why it works!!!

I must tell you once you can master letting go, life and dating becomes so much more relaxing and getting what you want comes so much easier!!!

Watch this amazing video on letting go!!!

Have an Amazing Week!!!!

Lots of Loe,