I was at a Ferrari Party and was sexually harassed by 93 year old man.

Today I’m writing you a story and a lesson. There is no video attached with it!!!!

So Saturday I was invited to attend a Ferrari party. I was super excited about going to this party because one of my ambitions is to own a Ferrari and start a women’s owned Ferrari club!!!:) . The thing with Ferraris that is pretty cool, is you don’t just have a lot of money and then you can buy a Ferrari, you have to be recommended to buy a Ferrari and you have to be in with the crowd.

Some people may be turned off by that, but I get excited and I welcome the challenge to not only have the money to purchase an incredible car, but to be so well connected that of course they want me to buy it and be in their club.

So I went to this party to network, knowing I was going to be in the presence of some wealthy people:) . So I’m at the party talking with other Ferrari owners and having a grand ‘ole time. It was one of those spaces in the evening where I was a lone with my glass of wine and looking for the next people to talk with. As I walk by a table, this sweet looking 93-year old man, calls out to me and says “You look like you need to be at our table” . and invites me to come over.

At a party where I’m the new person, this is like dream come true! The president of this Ferrari club is sitting at the table and I’m feeling pretty good, until the 93-year old man, starts making jokes about having me sit on his lap, or coming home with him for the weekend. (His wife of 63 years is sitting right next to him) . I can tell these aren’t serious offers, but yet he was still using me as a source of comedy.

In the position I was in, I didn’t know what to do, I just laughed uncomfortably and prayed it would stop and that we could have a regular conversation, which would happen and then he would put a slide sexual remark back in. The women at the table were completely oblivious or were choosing not to pay attention. The men would just laugh and make fun of the man, which is what he wanted. And there is no one who stood up for me.

And to be honest I didn’t do a good job of standing up for myself either. One because I have a belief that all men are good and I didn’t want to make him wrong, but I couldn’t figure out in the moment what to say to stand up for myself either, in a way where I am respected and he feels empowered to be better, not shamed.

I’m not one to get mad at men or to blame them for what they got away with for years. However i do want to empower myself and other women to stand up for themselves in the moment, so that it doesn’t continue. The whole “Me Too” movement is great, but its after the fact!!! It doesn’t help change the situation and prevent things from happening in the future. Plus getting mad at men does not help us have better relationships with men. There is another way and that’s what I’m here on this planet to do!!!

So because of this I am doing a Free live training called “Stick it to the Man” on Wednesday Aug 14th at 5pm PST on instagram, (you can follow me @glorioso15)

In this training I will be teaching you:

- things you can say to get yourself out of uncomfortable situations and still have the guy or other person feel respected and be in awe of you in the end.

-When to know to speak up

-How to know whether its safe for you to stay or you better leave

-the formula you can use to express yourself in any uncomfortable situation whether it be with a stranger or with someone you know

-Some tips to help get your confidence and self worth to a level where no one messes with you, and you feel loved and adored no matter what.

We are going to stop sexual harassment of women, by us being able to stand up for ourselves and teach men how to treat us in a way that feels good to everyone.

This is going to take some courage, but I believe that we can improve our relationships with men and have them be absolutely amazing to us!!! I want our relationships to flourish.

And I know that we cannot allow men to continue treating us in ways that are demeaning. It is bad for us and it’s bad for them, no one wins.

We do have the power to change the world and making men wrong is not the answer. In my opinion it is us deciding what we will allow and what we will not and showing love in the process!!!

I here to support all of you women, so come to my Live Event on Wednesday Aug 14th at 5pm PST on my instagram story @glorioso15!!!

Lots of Love,