What to do when People tell you, "You are too Intimidating to Men"

I just had my Live Event on Thursday New Year New Dating!!!  It was amazing and there was a great turnout, and some fabulous questions:) . One of the questions had me stop for a second and think.  It was the question  "What do you do when you are told you are too intimidating to men?  Like you are too tall, too successful, too...."  I remember when my friends and family used to tell me that, like it would help :( . (Just so you know that didn't help at all!!!  All I was left with feeling was I was too much or not good enough in some way that I didn't know!!!)

So I made this video that tells you how I overcame being intimidating to men, and how I don't have to worry about it anymore.  I can be intimidating if I want, or I can make them feel like they are the number one person in the world!!!  I have all the power back and I don't have to down play myself or change myself to make a man feel better!!!

There is a change that has to be made, but it's not changing who you are, it's changing how you view yourself and how you interact with the guys!!!:) . I go over this in detail in the video (video is about 18 min :) I had a lot to say!)

You are amazing the way you are!!! 

Every part of you is perfect right now!!! 

Nothing about you needs to change to get a guy!!! 

And the right guy for you is right around the corner, he's there!!!  He wants you, all of you, the good stuff, the funky stuff, the scary stuff, the whole package!!!

You are the whole package!!!

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts?  Where can I be of help to you?

Lots of Love,