Keeping Friends (of the opposite sex) in the Friend Zone while Empowering Them

Happy Wednesday Gorgeous!!!

Today I covered an amazing topic that comes up all the time for my clients!!!  What to do when you have a friend that starts to like like you and you are not interested in them that way.

Watch the video for the full details!!!

Here are the highlights that I really want you to get:

1. If you reject someone that is your friend, you are probably not going to be friends afterwards, sorry. Keep that in mind

2. Avoiding and skirting around the obviousness of them, liking you by saying you are busy, or not right now, is mean and just dragging something out that doesn't need to be dragged out.  Also you will lose the friend as well by doing this, cause they will not feel like you respect them enough to be honest with them

3. If you want to stay friends with them, accept their invitation only after you are clear about your boundaries

4. Make them feel good about being FRIENDS with you.

5. Allow yourself to have a deeper connection with a friend and practice with the opposite sex, so it is easier for you to do it when you are with someone you want to be with

6. Fear of leading someone on is just an insecurity in yourself

7. Who knows after having a deeper connection you may find that you are attracted to them:)

8. Always trust your Gut:)

Lots of Love,


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