Keeping the Hope Alive During the Holiday Season

Being single during the holidays can be one of the most challenging times of the year! I talk about overcoming the negative thoughts that will come up, and moving into a more loving space for yourself so you can enjoy your holidays, and also be in a space to attract love to you!!!:)

What I have discovered that works really well is a two part process.

One Identifying the negative feelings and then replacing them with more positive feelings.  Sounds simple and you have probably heard that before, but I'm going to show you are process that will actually allow those negative feelings to subside so you don't feel like you are going to die every time some one announces an engagement!!!

Watch the Video below for how I describe the process!!! (7 min video)

Combatting the negative Feelings

1. Recognize the negative feeling

2. Acknowledging the feeling, and give yourself compassion

3. Allowing yourself to really feel the feeling without distracting yourself 60-90 sec, and coming to a neutral space

Replacing the negative thought into a positive one so you can enjoy your holidays and be in a space to attract love.

1. Once the negative feeling has dissipated and you are more in a neutral state, what thought feels a little better?

2. Follow the good feeling

*Hint usually some type of heart felt gratitude works here

3. Follow that thought and feeling and really feel into it 60-90 sec

4.  Do something that follows that positive thought

5.  Remember the positive feeling and get yourself back to it any time it feels hard

6.  Join your family and friends for fun!!!:)

I hope this gives you something that will help you feel better during the holidays and I really want for you to trust that your love is right out there and you will get to experience everything you hope and dream of!!!:)

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Lots of Love,