Knowing what you desire, speaking your truth, and attraction with men

If you have ever been told you are too much, that you should tone it down a bit, or try to fit in a little better. You may have started to alter how you behave around people, especially around men you like, cause you want them to like you back. You may have even down played yourself so the other person doesn’t feel bad because of all your accomplishments. You’re amazing and its true that not many people are as cool as you, or may feel as cool as you. That’s not your problem, but its hard when you want someone to love and love you back. In this Video I'm going to help you unleash you again and show you how it will help you in your game of attracting men you like!!! Cause you holding yourself back, is not going to get you any guy you want!!!

There is nothing better than sitting down to lunch with someone and not having to alter a single bit of who you are or hold back your opinions because of what they may think. The feeling of being totally accepted for who you are is absolutely incredible!!! This first starts with fully accepting yourself for who you are, the other person has no choice but to follow, or they leave quickly and the right person comes along!!!

You have courage and can handle anything!!! You will never let yourself down and you are always there for yourself!!!

Believe that he’s coming, and he will show up!!!! And until he does, you have yourself and you will always have yourself, even when your man is there:)

And watch this video for some powerful up leveling and the steps to take now to start speaking your truth when it’s hard. Like I say, the thing to do is practice so you can become perfect at it!!! The time to practice is not with the guy you are attracted to, its every single person in your life.

Lots of Love,


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