Kygo Concert, my mini cat fight, and hooking the guy

I just got back from an incredible weekend in Vegas where not only did I get to see my favorite Artist Kygo, but I also got to practice for myself the stuff that I teach to women all the time!!! Of course when I get to practice I have more juicy stories and lessons to help you along your way to having the most amazing dating life and relationship you can imagine.

In this video I recorded I talk about a very frustrating moment during the weekend and how I was able to turn t around for my good!!!!

What you will get from this video:

  • What to do when other women piss you off

  • How to handle jealousy with other women

  • Turning enemies into friends and getting everything you want

  • How to get out of a scarcity mindset with guys

  • How to calm your competitive spirit with other women so you both feel better

  • How you become the most beautiful version of yourself

  • What is healthy competition vs. competing to prove you are good enough

  • How treat women well attracts men and builds yourself up

  • How to have other people think you are beautiful

I hope you enjoy and comment below with anything you took away from this!!!

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Have a Fabulous Week!!!

Lots of Love,