Laugh it off!!! The Cure for Obsessive Thinking

The biggest thing that I stand for and teach is your ability to attract men into your life naturally, by just being you. And with this purpose I follow closely and teach law of attraction and manifestation.

So in simple terms (for the point of this blog) . The Law of Attraction is: you focus on what you want to happen, you believe it can happen to you and it happens to you. One of the Principles of Manifestation that goes along with this, is once you are set on what you want and you believe you can have it, you let go of the how and allow the universe to do its thing. And you focus on your inspired actions and what feels right for what you should be doing.

If you are striving to live in this way, you may come across times where it is hard to let go of what you want. You have a hard time trusting the universe because you haven’t seen the proof yet. And so you keep obsessing over the desire you have. Well if you keep doing this, you end up pushing away what you want because you can’t trust that it will come to you and your energy blocks the ease and flow of it coming into your life.

Now we are all human beings and we all have fears and doubts and worries, this is perfectly natural in fact you should expect that you are not going to be perfect at it. But what makes things worse is when you beat yourself up for obsessing over something you know you shouldn’t.

The energy of beating yourself up does a few negative things to you.

  1. It lowers your energy which lowers your attractiveness

  2. It reduces the confidence you have in yourself

  3. It invalidates the feelings that you do have, and they will come back with a vengeance.

Once you catch yourself getting back into the cycle of obsessing again, instead I would like you to laugh it off!!!

Laughing is a very high vibration action you can take. It immediately raises your vibration, it validates that what you are feeling is real, and it lets you know that you can control how you feel. And lastly why I love this so much is it treats yourself with kindness. Our bodies and our lives respond so much better when we are kind to ourselves. You will feel better and the thought will not come back as harshly

I didn’t say that obsessive thought would never come back, cause it probably will, but you can just laugh it off again!! And the better you get at laughing it off, the more you will be able to relax and allow the universe to do its job which it does want to give you what you want so badly!!!

In this video I talk about this a bit more!!!

Lots of Love,