Love Lessons from the show "The Bachelor"

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ABC’s hit show “The Bachelor” has 25 women competing to be chosen by one guy.  Every week the Bachelor sends home a handful of girls until there is only one left, which he would be proposing to.  Talk about not great odds!!! But to make this show interesting they get to travel to luxurious, beautiful places and have fun and amazing dates!!!

As I was watching this show halfway through the season with my friend.  I started paying attention to personal interviews with the girls and the bachelor.  They do these to get their thoughts and reactions to the drama going on. In these interviews, I noticed that there were 5 different girls that said the bachelor was the one for them and they were so in love with him.  This totally floored me!!! Because as I’m watching this show, the guy is not showing much affection for any of the girls. The only explanation I could come up with was the girls had convinced themselves to be in love with him.  And because they had convinced themselves, the feeling of love was true for them.

As I sat on the couch flabbergasted at how insane this was, I had an epiphany, We can convince ourselves of anything!!!  Now, if we can convince ourselves of anything and create the feelings to match that belief, we can manifest whatever we desire!!!!

How can this work in your dating life?

The Bachelor girls were off a little bit, they had the belief, “He’s the one for me”  This belief did give them feelings of love for the guy, but did not create feelings of love from the guy towards them.  And in this plays out in the bachelor by most of these women who were in love with the bachelor being sent home. :(

I decided to write down some beliefs that I could (and you could) convince myself of that would be much more empowering and get a better result.  Because I know that my beliefs are what create my reality. :)

If I wanted to win the bachelor or be in the relationship I desire, this phrase has a much more empowering tone for me.

“I am a sexy badass powerful woman, who attracts and keeps any man I desire.”

With this belief, the power is no longer in any one man’s hands.  Any guy could fulfill on it. And saying it starts giving you the feeling of being an attractive woman to any guy!!!!  When you start feeling like you are attractive then you become an object of desire to men.

Also once you start saying this about yourself, then you can take it a step further with the questions:

How does this sexy badass woman act? (and then start acting like that)

How does this sexy badass woman feel? (and then allow yourself to feel like that)

How does this sexy badass woman dress?  (go dress like that)

What does this sexy badass woman do?  (and go do the things the woman you want to be, does)

When I stated this statement, the first thing I did was sit-up and stick my chest out, immediately I had the feeling of sexiness, desirability, and badassness.  Then I looked at what I was wearing and I put on a different shirt. Then I confidently, in a bit more sassy way, did my work. All from saying one powerful little phrase and shifting from, “the guy has the power to choose me”, to, “I am the desirable object of attention here.”

I can feel in that small energy shift, if a guy sitting next to me, he would be automatically attracted to me just because of the new belief and expectation I have of myself.

This helps you, how?

Well, my dear, you can convince yourself of anything, so what do you want to be true in your life right now?  Where are the problems in your dating life that are driving you nuts?

Are you struggling with men ghosting you?

Try the belief “Men love to contact me and get back to me quickly”

Are you having a hard time finding men you are attracted to, to date?

Try the belief “I always find attractive men I want to date all around me”

Now, how do those sayings and beliefs feel in your body?  Do they make you feel a little lighter? Do they bring a smile to your face?  If not, reword them till the words feel good to you and your body jumps and wants to make a change.

Then ask yourself the questions, How does this woman act, feel, dress, do?  And make the changes that match.

This now becomes your new practice of acting like the woman who makes those beliefs true.

Important things to remember when making your new beliefs about yourself.

  1. The beliefs need to be about you and no one else specifically (no, “he’s the one for me” crap)

  2. The beliefs need to make you feel different and good about yourself

  3. The beliefs need to be about something you really want and really care about

  4. You should feel relieved and lighter when you say the belief

Some times our brain gets in the way of us feeling good and we need a little bit more trust built up to truly believe in our amazingness.

When I’m struggling feeling good about a belief I want to have, I try putting the phrase “I’m willing to believe that _______” in front of my belief.  Most of the time if I was having a hard time accepting that belief, once I say that phrase, it takes the pressure off me and I finally get that sense of relief and trust that I’m looking for.

Helping powerful women feel amazing in their love life is what I do.

I shed light on difficult dating situations and give people the keys and tools to overcome them.

I love seeing my clients come out of a session feeling confident, knowing exactly what to say to their man, or have an activity planned that makes them so happy and excited about life.  They are absolutely glowing each time they are done with me.

As The Personal Trainer for your Love Life, it is my job to see the things that you can’t see yourself.  When you are in the midst of a frustrating romantic situation there are many thoughts, feelings, and emotions swirling around in your head, making it impossible to make any decision or keep a good feeling.  I give women a place to feel safe, know they are right and trust themselves, so the actions they take in their romantic life, get them where they desire to be.

Lady, you are amazing and you do have the power to control your love life!!!  No man gets to determine how you feel and whether or not you are of value. You are infinitely valuable and your presence is intoxicating!!!  The men who get the privilege of being in your space are forever changed for the better. You are worthy and good enough to have any man you desire right now!!!  There is nothing that you need to change about yourself, nothing more you need to do for this to be true. It is done, right here, right now!!!

Have an amazing, fabulous, exciting week, filled with love, joy, and happiness!!!

Lots of Love,


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