No Throwing in the towel, you can still have the relationship you want

You can't physically force a relationship to work, for everyone who has tried knows how bad this fails. But if you want it, can you still have it and what do you have to do to get it? This video goes into the energetics of dating where the other coaches will just tell you to give up and move on, I know there is more you can do.

The energy of this video is amazing, super empowering and captivating!!! Here is the timeline of what I talk about in this video, so if you are limited on time you can watch the part that you need.

Timeline of Video
0:01- Intro and what I've been up to
1:00 - What I love coaching people on
2:11 - Why things aren't working out the way you want
2:45 - The different Levels of Dating
5:30 - The Challenge of finding someone you like and the relationship not going the way you want
6:55 - Marriage Myth
8:12 - The specifics of the inside world creating the outside world
9:00 - Where you sabotage your relationship on the inside
9:47 - Example of how inside world creates outer world
11:45 - How you control your inner world
*14:15 - What to do when a negative thought comes up
*16:45 - How you create what's real for you
*18:49 - A common mistake we make when we imagine good things happening
20:00 - How you manifest the guy and the relationship you want

Have an amazing week!!!!

Lots of Love,