Part 2 Calm your worry and fear (the let go)

In the Previous Post, about overcoming your worry and anxiety in the space where nothing is happening, I had a video with the first two steps of what to do.

In this video, you will get more detail on the next steps that not only cure the worry and anxiety, but also help you in the manifestation process of getting what you truly want.

For those of us who like to control everything and who are so set on things going exactly the way that we want them to, it really hard to let go.

Letting go is letting go of the worry of the constant thinking about it, of the trying to come up with a solution so that we can make something work out!!!

Any time that you are in those thoughts you are pushing away what you truly want!!!

And I know you don’t want to do that, so what can you do with the space instead?

Well in this video I give you some more tips on what works for me and I tell you what happened in my situation that I was working through in part one.

So watch this video, and let me know what things you are grateful for in the space that is given to you right now!!!