Recognizing the Traits you have that are Irresistible to Men

Thank you so much for being here and reading what I have to say.  It gives me so much pleasure to share my experiences and the knowledge I have gained from it.  I love talking about men and relationships and I hope it supports you in the way that you need.  Thank you!!!

Everyone single person on this planet is completely different.  There is no one else out there like you!!! Which means there is no set way to be attractive or irresistible.  In fact the only way to be attractive and irresistible is to feel attractive and irresistible. And that is a choice that you get to make.

I wish it was as easy as saying “I’m attractive” and then we completely believe and feel it all the time.  And we are human which means each moment offers us a new choice and the choice on how we feel about ourselves is one we get to keep making all the time.  It’s the same as a marriage, it’s a choice you make every day to be with the person. Just because you made the commitment once, doesn’t mean it lasts forever, it's a daily choice you get to make.  This is very apparent in the divorce rate we have in this country. So just like you choose your partner every day, you get to choose how you feel each day. There will be days that it is easier to feel attractive and irresistible than others.  The choice is still yours to make.

When it is hard to feel attractive and irresistible is when something comes up to challenge that belief.  It could be a guy you like ignoring you. It could be no guys coming up to talk to you. It could be a rough day at work where no one is listening to you, or you just got worked to the bone and you are super tired.  It could be you didn’t do as well in your workout as you wanted to, or you didn’t hit your monthly goal in sales. There are little things each day that will challenge us and make us feel like we are not good enough, because _____ _____ happened.  

The key to remember is we get to choose how we react to each of these situations, we can decide to view them as good or bad.  Nothing in this world means anything until we put a judgement on it.

When you can decide that everything around you is happening for your good and it’s perfect the way it is.  You have total self acceptance. Total self acceptance is the most irresistible trait out there, because you are accepting all of you.  And if you can accept and love everything about you, your man can love and accept everything about you as well.

When you have total self acceptance you have no more reason to judge anything as good or bad, it becomes, good, better and best!!!:)  When you shift to this perspective you can feel completely safe with yourself and the man you want to be with can feel safe to be with you too.  He can feel safe to be himself, and when he feel safe to be himself around you he wants to be around you even more!!!

How does it look when something “bad” happens that makes you question your worth?  How do you keep yourself in a sane place of believing you are attractive and can still have what you want?

You ask yourself the question:

What if this is perfect for me right now?

What if this is what is supposed to happen to me right now?

What if this is the best possible thing to happen to me right now?

What if there is nothing wrong with me?

What if I acted exactly how I was supposed to act?

What if I made the best decision I could have possibly made in that instant?

What if all this is happening in a plan for the greatest good that I cannot even comprehend?

And you still get to choose that you want what you want.  This was perfect for me right now, thank you for the experience I had, the lessons I learned, the feelings and emotions I got to experience, and what I would like is:_______________

You get yourself even more clear on what you want, and you know that this experience has in no way shape or form any indication of your value!!!

You are infinitely valuable and worthy and attractive and irresistible no matter where you are at in your life.  Just because things don’t workout the way you wanted to this round, doesn’t mean you were not worthy, that you did something wrong, or that you don’t get to have your desires and dreams.

Those desires and dreams still get to come to you and they are still on their way to you.  You get to be brave and accept what has happened. You get to be a little bit stronger knowing that you can handle anything that happens in your life and you are still the most amazing person on this planet!!!

You get to know that you are your greatest ally and friend and your biggest cheerleader.  You get to know the power of your own strength. You get to create with the universe and know that it has your best interests at heart.  You get to follow what you want, you get to trust yourself, even when things don’t look like they are working out, you get to choose to believe that they will.

You get to choose which thoughts you will focus on.  You get to decide that you are attractive, that you are irresistible and that your dream man is right there waiting for you.  And you get to accept this moment right now where you are at right now, as perfect!!!

Perfect means complete or whole.  When you are complete or whole you have acceptance for everything and you view everything as being good.  As a complete person you will have opposites in you. You will have happiness, and sadness, you will have hope and fear, you will have jealousy and contentment and all of these emotions are a perfect part of the whole you.  None of them are bad, you get to accept them and then choose our actions which will best serve you towards our dreams and the desires that you want.

A side note on desires,:

Your desires are completely yours and you get to have whatever desires that you want. No one gets to tell you what your desires should be, that is ridiculous.  So don’t feel bad about whatever you are wanting. You get to want what you want and if you change your mind that is perfectly fine as well. Because you have those desires you are meant to have them.  If it was not possible for you to have your desire you could not imagine it.

So to be irresistible you get to feel irresistible.  To feel irresistible you get to love every part of yourself right now as the most perfect and amazing thing in this world!!!!  Start with one little thing at at a time.

Whenever a thought comes up that says something to the extent of, “you’re not enough”,  “you need to be better”, or in any thought that makes you feel bad. You turn around and say to yourself.  “Ha ha Nope, I am perfect just the way I am and I totally love and accept me right now!!!”

This will take some practice every time of doing it, but it becomes easier and easier as you go!!!  And as you grow in your desires and you continue to uplevel what you want, there will be little voices in your head telling you why you are not good enough for this person, or this desire, and the answer is still the same, “Ha ha, Nope, I am perfect just the way I am and I totally love and accept myself right now and I get to have what I want:)’

The more and more you believe you are irresistible the more the experiences outside of you show that as being true!!!:)  Look for examples in your own life that show you it’s true. Also look for the examples in other people’s life that are getting what you want as a sign that you are about to have what you want as well.

Celebrate others success that have what you want.  If she can have it so can you!!! There is no limited supply of anything in this world, there is more than enough to go around, and everyone's desires can be met!!!:)

What I would like to leave you will today is the knowledge that you are the most incredible person on this planet.  You are so valuable and your worth is infinite. You have so much to offer this world and your partner just by existing!!!  You don’t need to do anything different than be the amazing you that you are right now. You are so beautiful and every single aspect of you is incredible!!!  The choices that you make are right, the desires that you have are aligned and perfect for you. Nothing happens by accident and it is all working for you in your favor.  You are in the best spot possible right now and nothing needs to change. And everything will change, you will change and you will grow and every second you are still perfect and amazing, that truth never changes.  

Take those things that you judge about yourself and give them a little slack, because they are a part of you, they must be amazing cause you are amazing and every part of you is amazing.  Your opinion matters more than anyone else’s in this world. You are the ultimate boss and you know what is best for you!!!

Have an amazing week!!!

Lots of Love,


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