Step 2: Pick out your Specific Guy

I am so excited for you right now!!! For years I scavenged the internet to find advice on How to get the specific guy I wanted to like me or ask me out!!! And to be honest, I couldn’t find anything. I did find some great dating advice and I read every book I could get my hands on. But I had to learn for myself how to get the guy I wanted. And Now I am sharing that with you!!!

I don’t want you to throw away your lists!!! I want you to be as specific as possible!!! And I teach here in this video how to use these specifics to get the guy you want!!!! This is ground breaking stuff here!!! The whole reason I’m teaching this stuff is because I want women to get what they want faster instead of having to experiment around till they figure it out, or worse, settle…

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Enjoy the video!!!

*At the end I put in some bloopers for you to enjoy!!! :)

Lots of Love,