Turning Stressful Dating into Fun Dating

Happy Holidays!!!  I hope you had an amazing time this Christmas and have even more fun times planned ahead for New Years!!!:) . Today I made an amazing Video on how to Turn Stressful Dating into Fun Dating:)

The Problems that make Dating Stressful :(

  • Getting Ghosted

  • No One returning your messages on an Online Dating Platform

  • No Chemistry on a First Date

  • Doesn't seem like there are any options out there

  • Only being pursued by someone you have no interest in

Tips to change it all!!!  (watch the video for more complete examples:) (10min video)

  1. Get in the positive, fun, flirty mood before you go out, get online, or on your dating app

  2. Look for the positives in any situation

  3. Accept the things you like and ignore and dismiss the things you don't

  4. Set your intention of having fun in dating this year!!!:)

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Have an Amazing Day!!!

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