The Step by Step Process to Change your Feelings and Manifest your Dream Relationship

The way I teach women to attract men they want, is using methods that are innately feminine. When I was younger and dating, I used a very masculine approach. And this worked to attract men that wanted me to take control, but not men that I was attracted to or men that treated me the way that I want them to.

So I spent 7 years to get in touch with my femininity and then how to use that to attract and date men that I wanted to!!! It was a journey!!! And this is the process that I teach to my clients!!!

Because masculine energy is very forceful and pushy, when you use this in dating and trying to get men you want to date you, you end up pushing them away. And I’ve done that so many times, and I know how frustrating this can be.

Because the pushy masculine way of doing things doesn’t work, it does is require you to learn a new skill from your feminine nature called manifestation. This skill is very powerful and very feminine and not one that you will learn in school or in any western ideals.

You may have heard this term from spiritual groups, and may sound like woo woo. In fact when I heard about it, I was super skeptical and it took me a few years to accept it as I continued to force my way and fail in relationships.

When I finally let go and allowed myself to embrace the manifestation techniques I had learned during my feminine training, my dating life exploded so fast and so easily.

Now Manifestation is a much different muscle to train than what you are used to. So this is why I keep giving you videos that train these specific aspects of manifestation. So you can manifest on purpose and consistently.

One of the main components of manifestation is your feelings. And being in control of your feelings, so you manifest on purpose instead of randomly.

In this video, I go over the steps to change your feelings on a constant basis to manifest what you really want in your relationship.

I also talk about the common thoughts that come up that will deter the manifestation you want, and how to overcome them!!!

I was in a great state recording this video, so I hope you enjoy it and get the information that will help you out in your dating life and attracting the man that you really want to date!!!

Comment and let me know the feelings you want to change right now in your love life!!!

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