The Story of the Little Silver Bird (What I learned from my last breakup)

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Last Monday I found out that the man I really wanted to be with and the man I have just started re-engaging with had decided to date someone else. Needless to say, I was really sad! :(. And I was also relieved. I had been wanting things to pick up between us and instead of it picking up, it got less. Boooooo!!! And I was at the point where I was unavailable to be treated less than what I wanted. So I asked for what I wanted and that was when I got my answer. He was not able to give me what I wanted.

Even though I did everything right by the book, I had the most positive and patient attitude. He still has his agency and I get to accept that. That means the universe has something even better for me than I can imagine right now. Because I believe that I still get to have the most amazing love life ever, I know that it has to be with someone even more amazing than this guy. I know there was a reason he was in my life. And this video that I’m sharing with only you is the lesson I learned from my relationship with him.

I got a vision of this story as I was journaling out my feelings about the ending of this last relationship and I felt it was so special that I had to record a video right then and there. So this is the raw unedited version of the story that I recorded immediately after my vision. It’s only 4 minutes and I hope you are able to take away something from it too.

Everyone comes into your life for a reason, even if they are not in it forever, they always give you something to make you stronger, better and shape you into the human your higher self wants you to be!!! You can handle anything!!! (Just so you know, I'‘m sad, but pretty much recovered from the incident! I had a lot of help from other friends and mentors to help me recover so quickly, plus experience;))

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And here is the video you have been waiting to watch, its less than 4 minutes and has an incredible lesson for you!!! Tell me what you think of it!!!

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