The Trick Men use to Sleep with you Fast

I had to make this blog and newsletter after one of my last going out experiences. I was talking with a successful man in his 30’s and he was telling me unapologetically, the techniques he and his successful friends use to get girls to sleep with them within 3-4 dates and then leave them!!!

I was completed abhorred and as I listened to what he was saying. And I also knew from my experience and how women work, that his technique was solid. In fact it is a technique taught to married men to improve intimacy in their relationship. I myself have been a victim of this technique (not recently) and I want to protect other women from experiencing the same things I have and many other women go through.

So watch this video and share it with as many friends as you can, so we woman can protect each other put an end to this vicious game that some men will use!!!

I also have a couple of exciting things happening in the next little bit that I wanted you to be aware of!!!

On Tuesday Aug 6th at 11:15am PST . I doing a double Live event with my friend and expert Alexandra Stockwell. She is a Physician turned Relationship and Intimacy expert and works with married couples to really bring excitement back into their relationship!!! I’m so excited to bring her live and get talking about what keeps a relationship amazing!!! We will be talking about attraction in the beginning and throughout the relationship. Plus there will be some surprises and give aways on this Live event so you want to make sure you are present Live.

How you can watch. You can either watch on my facebook Page Liz Glorioso. Or you can watch on my instagram @glorioso15. I will be live at both places at the same time:) . (This will be my first time doing a double live, so it will be interesting:))

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There you go!!! I hope you have an amazing week!!! Comment and let me know what you think of my video!!!

Lots of Love,