Turning Dating Disasters into Relationship Bliss

I’m sure you have some funny, some horrifying stories from your dating experiences!!! For those of us who didn’t marry our high school sweethearts!!! Thank Goodness Right? These stories may be really fun to tell and they do leave a mark on you.

I have the Australian that I got a visa for. The hott professional athlete one night stand. And the younger, oh so fun, front desk boy, who thought he was too good for me. I could go on, in fact I was writing a book about all these stories, but I don’t like writing, so I would rather use those examples in my coaching;)

In this video I talk about how these experiences are for our good and the shift to make when something undesirable happens in our love life, so we can move forward and really attract the men we want to date!!!;)

What you will get out of this video:

-How to forgive the bad experiences and move on

-The way to take back control of your dating life

-Some total dating motivation and confidence building!!!


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Have an amazing Tuesday!!!

Lots of Love,