He hasn't called to setup the second date date yet!!! What do I do?

You had a great first date and you totally felt the chemistry!!! He says he'll call you for this weekend, and .... nothing... yet... You start to doubt he'll call, all the negative thoughts run through your head of how you messed it up or how you should fix it... Still no call . How do you actually fix this and get the second date without coming undone?

Today I did an incredible video on how to handle the space between the first and second dates, when you don't know where things are going yet with a guy!!!  I highly recommend you watching this if you have any anxiety around this, because I teach in there exactly what not to do and what to do in that time.  And this can help break any pattern that you have with getting first dates, but not second dates!!!  Click to watch Video Here

Things to take away from today's video

  • You attract people you want to be around when you are in a high vibration

  • High vibration means you are happy, excited about life, confident and things feel easy and flowing

  • The high vibration state can happen at anytime and that is why you can change your vibe at any time

  • Just because you attract someone doesn't mean they will stick if your vibration lowers because of worry, self doubt, fear etc.  You could lose that person

  • That doesn't mean they are lost forever, if you can get your vibration back up, you can attract them again or something even better

  • The space between first date and second date it is crucial to keep your vibration high in yourself

  • The work is not "What you have to do to keep him?", the work is "How can I keep myself happy and satisfied so my vibration is high and I still attract him?"

  • When you start to worry, you lower your vibration, so the first sign you need to focus on yourself is when doubting and negative thoughts come.

  • The way to get out of a negative thought pattern is: Ask the questions "What can I do right now that will help me feel better?"  And then do that thing

  • DO NOT ask the question what should I do to keep him, make him like me etc?"  that doesn't work

  • You don't need to work to keep him, you need to work to keep yourself happy and you will attract everything that you want!!!  Including your dream man and relationship!!!

This is some serious shifting that you get to do to make this work and it can feel foreign and challenging if you have not dealt with changing your energy before.  That is why I have my program Attract the Man you Want, I train you in detail how to shift your energy, and see success in you dating life!!!  Click Here to Find out more about this amazing ground breaking program that can change you dating life around now!!!

Attract the Man You Want

I hope you have a Fabulous weekend and you go on many second dates!!!:)

Lots of Love,