What to do to have "going out" actually attract men you want to date!!!:)

If you are single, you have been told you need to get out of the house to meet people, which is totally true. But then you go out and have a crappy time and you think "Well that was a load of crap!!! I didn't meet anyone" . "Might as well go back to swiping:( ." 

If this is you, you need to watch this video and take notes, cause I'm going to teach you the little shifts you can make that will change your world of going out!!! Meeting people in person is possible!!!:)

Video is about 13 min!!!  

Some things you will get out of this video:

- How going out really helps with attracting men you want

- How you can change things in an instant when its not working the way you want it to

- The little ways we sabotage ourselves in going out and how to recognize them and shift quickly

- The things you do that attract people to you or not

Happy Monday!!!

What did you think of the video?  How are you going to approach your next "going out" adventure?  What are you going to do?

I would love to hear from you!!!

Lots of Love,