Where do I find someone I'm actually attracted to?

The hardest part of dating being single and trying to find someone you can have an awesome relationship with is not finding anyone you are attracted to!!! You may have been trying the online, thing, going out or any of the things that you "should" do to start dating, but with no success. This sucks and can make you want to give up on dating all together!! I'm here to help you out with that, with my huge tip that will change your dating life!!!  

The Huge Dating Tip!!!

Only do the things that you are excited and feel good about doing!!!

If you are not excited about online dating, don't do it, delete those apps, and do something that feels better to you, maybe its a new workout class, or maybe a different place to shop or new restaurant you want to try!!!

Amazing Men are everywhere!!!  And the better you feel about what you are doing the more likely you are going to find men that you find attractive!!!  You will also be more magnetic to them because you are happy;)

Nothing is prettier than a happy woman!!!:)

How do you figure out what is going to be the thing for you to do?

Ask yourself this question:

What sounds fun for me to do this week?

If I could try anything new what would it be?

There are no shoulds, because it your heart is not in them, they won't work, even if they are supposed to and all of your friends found their partner on Match.

Your way is the right way and the way that will work the best for you!!!

Watch the Video to get some more practical and energetic tips:) . (10 min video)

In my program Attract the Man you Want I really help you get out of your head on how do I get the guy and really get in touch with what you want.  Because when you can figure out what you want, then you can attract it!!!  And of course I go into that as well!!!

This program is not only amazing because of the dating and attracting basics, but also with the group calls and one on one coaching, I really help you out with where you are at right now, what is the challenge that you need help overcoming right now that is going to change your dating life!!!  Because it will change and it just takes a small shift to make a huge difference for you!!!

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Have a Fantastic Wednesday and let me know the thing you are going to do that you are excited about?

Lots of Love,