Why it's not working out with the guy you thought was the one for you and How to Fix it

You've met someone you instantly connect with. You feel the chemistry strong between you, maybe you've gone out on a few dates, but for some reason it's just not working out, or it ends too soon. You don't want to believe that you were wrong about him, what is happening and why is it not working out if you feel this way? What can you do to change this?

One of the things that really bugs be about the dating coaching industry is when you have a coach that tells you, you are wrong about how you are feeling and that your picker is off!!!

Nothing is worse than having someone invalidate the way you are feeling, and make it harder to trust yourself!!!

In this video, I explain what is going on with your absolutely correct feelings, what the lesson is for you, and what you need to do in order for you to have relationships with the guys that you feel are the ones for you!!!

This video is super potent and has some new information on healing shame and fear, how to do it, so you can actually have a relationship instead of attracting great guys only to have them leave again!!!

Just watching this video can take months, if not years off your dating struggle!!! So watch the whole thing!!!

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Have an absolutely wonderful week!!!

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