The Group Mastermind Subscription

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The Group Ex Class Version of Love Life Coaching

You’ve done the home videos, (or don’t want to do them) and you are ready to get some direct coaching for yourself!!! The awesome thing about this Group Mastermind is when I’m helping one person everyone is gettin helped!!! Any Dating or Relationship question can be asked during these calls. I will be doing personal coaching with each person during the call. This subscription is limited to 8 women at one time, so it is an intimate of women where you get some great one on one time with me, and get the change to build sisterhood with the rest of the women on the call.

This is an amazing cost effective way to get in person coaching with Liz!!!

What does the Group Mastermind include:

  • 1 hour + long group call on Zoom every week with Liz!!!

  • A chance to email in your questions if you have to miss the call and the recording will be sent to you

  • Personal coaching on the call with Liz

  • Motivation and Support from Liz and the other wonderful women in the mastermind

  • An assignment each week to help move you forward in your love life

  • Being held accountable each week for your assignment by Liz and the rest of the group

  • Healing work that is needed for individuals and the group

  • Lessons and advice for the whole group depending on what is needed

How does the subscription work?

When you sign up, you have 1 month minimum which you pay for initially. So that includes 4-5 calls depending on the month. The first month of your subscription is $500 and every month after is $300. You can cancel whenever, however there are no refunds given, so make sure you cancel before you get charged.

*Pricing will change, a 30 day notice will be given before any new price is collected.

How to apply to be in this exclusive Group Mastermind?

Because I do keep this group mastermind limited to 8 women at one time, you do need to apply and be approved to be in this mastermind.

To apply you can do that with a 15 min interview with Liz. You can schedule that below!!!


Email Liz; with “interested in Group Mastermind Subscription” and I will get in contact with you to see if it’s a good fit for both of us.