About Liz Glorioso


It all started after…

Liz got divorced in 2012, a marriage that only lasted 11 months and went from happily living together to signing divorce papers with in 3 months.  

Since then Liz went from desperately chasing her ex, to not wanting to date anyone, to not attracting any guys, to attracting one night stands, to having hopeless crushes, to dating, to dating men she liked, and finally getting into relationships with men she liked. 

This process took 6 years, many mentors, self love courses and retreats, and tons of practice with men.

Liz is was your strong, beautiful badass chick.  She competed in Track and Field in college, Crossfit, and Olympic Weightlifting.  She is known as the Kettlebell Queen and was fiercely competitive.  In her past not only did she struggle with attracting men to date, but also had unhealthy competition with other women.

She figured something out about men, about women and about herself and has been able to repeat the process to attracting men whenever she wants, and make amazing girl friends whenever she needs as well.

Now she has amazing bad ass girl friends and is not in competition with any woman.  She is in a beautiful relationship and is passionate about helping other Athletic women who struggle with dating, attract the men they want to date.