Personal Training for your Love Life


Feeling Stuck and frustrated about:

  • Not finding guys you want to date

  • Having a crush who isn’t responding to your feelings

  • Things going great and then your man disappears

  • Guys expecting sex and sexual favors before you are ready

  • Doing all the work in your relationship and not feeling like its being reciprocated

  • Getting tons of first dates, but no second or third dates

  • Not dating at all and feeling like you have been friend-zoned by every guy

  • Men not meeting your standards

  • Feeling like you are too much for men and they can’t handle you..

  • Feeling like you have to be someone else in order to catch a guy

  • a breakup with your man that you didn’t want

  • Your man not treating the way you want him to

  • Feeling like you are stronger, more powerful, more dependable, make more money, or just better than your man

  • Feeling like you just want your man to step it up, in the bedroom, in providing money, in helping out around the house, in social situations

What you really want is to feel:

  • loved and cherished by a man who you are totally attracted to

  • like you can be yourself and you man not only can handle your fire, but loves and supports it

  • desired, sought after, pursued, spoiled, ravished by a man that makes you feel weak in the knees

  • consistency from your man, you know he will be asking you out, you know when you will see him and its the perfect amount for YOU

  • Proud of your man and proud to be with him

  • Super confident and Sexy

  • Supported, secure, and happy

  • amazing about yourself, knowing that you are the most important person on this planet

Why private coaching with Liz?

I have been a personal trainer for over 18 years. And when I decided to make the switch to coaching women in their loves lives, I decided to keep the title. I realized that people hire personal trainers for a few very specific reasons:

  1. They want to know what to do specifically for them to get them to their results in the least amount of time possible. They may have tried programs, read books, done group classes or workshops, but something is still missing and they don’t know what it is.

  2. They want more attention on them, and they want the motivation to be directed at them.

  3. They want to feel seen and heard, they can get lost in a group and they need to know their coach is going to be there for them.

Private coaching is the fastest way to get your results. I get to be a clear channel for your relationship inspiration. I not only help heal what is holding you back, but I give you the action steps to have change happen as quick as possible.

This is different than getting advice from your mom or friends;

  1. You are paying me, so i’m keeping all of my stories and my relationship baggage out of our session, a container has been set for you are only you to get your healing and your results as fast as possible

  2. I hold you accountable to do the action steps I have asked you to do, there is no hiding, there is no slacking off on the homework that will get you your results, you answer directly to me, and I help motivate you in a very loving way!!!

  3. I don’t have the vision that you are perfect or not, there are no judgments on my end of who you are as a complete person like your mom or friends would be. My job is to get you the relationship you desire and I don’t have to worry about offending you or holding back truth, or dealing with you in any other arena in life. Which means you get the most potent and life changing advice and tasks that will make a difference for you. Not to mention, you have invested which means you are more likely to follow them:)

This is for the Woman who…

  • Wants to fix her dating life right now and be dating someone seriously in the next 3 months or sooner

  • Is ready to take the scary and uncomfortable actions to get her there

  • Wants to be guided and supported the whole way through this process

  • Wants to up-level by some serious bounds and is not afraid of becoming a new woman!!!

  • Is ready to invest in herself for real not only in money but time, and action

  • Will get her results and her love life no matter what!!!

Ways to do Private Coaching with Liz

1st time 1 hour private coaching call

The way I recommend to everyone is to do a quick 15 min interview with me, to help determine what is the best course of action to take in your love life, whether it is joining my mastermind, getting private coaching, or taking one of my dating courses.

You can schedule your interview with me below.

Personal Coaching Call Packages

Once you have your interview with me, the options to work with me privately are:

  • 1 single hour session = $500

  • 6 single hour sessions =$2,000, payment plan option of $175 for 12 payments, billed bi-weekly

Liz typically likes to do sessions with people once a week when starting because that gives you just the right amount of time to implement the actions and homework she has given, but not enough time to lose momentum. Of course you can use the sessions however you want

*You get the option to purchase these only after your interview with Liz. Schedule that above!!!

Unlimited Coaching and Texting Support- a Monthly Subscription (one month minimum)

  • Unlimited access to Liz for the month!!!!

  • This includes unlimited texting questions between the hours of 10am and 10pm PST

  • A 20 min phone call/coaching session Every Day if needed, or hour weekly call, basically when we need to jump on the phone we do!!!

  • Immediate feedback on any dating situation you are in. Ie: “he texted me this? What should I say?”

  • The Steps and actions you need to take right now to change your dating life

  • Continual support and motivation from me on a Daily basis.


1st month is $4,000, every month after that is $2,000, billed on the day you sign up. You do need to cancel the subscription before you are charged, because there are no refunds given here.

*Pricing may change, a 30 day notice will be given before any price changes go into effect.

This option is available to you to purchase only after your Interview with Liz. Schedule that above.

Other ways to work with Liz include:

Where I DO NOT coach:

  • Over Email

  • on Instagram

  • on Youtube

  • On Facebook Messenger

If I am sent a message on any of these platforms asking for coaching, a link will be given to purchase the appropriate package for their needs or to a free video that will answer the question. Because I do give away so much free content, the special transformations of my coaching are reserved for those who are ready to invest in themselves.

Who is Liz?

Liz is the Personal Trainer for Your Life!!! Being a top notch coach for over 18 years, she takes her passion for loving relationships and helps other powerful women attract and date men that they are exited about being in relationships with. Having gone through a divorce, one night stands, friend zoned, breakups, emotional abuse, hundreds of dates, long term and distance relationships, Liz has the experience to help you with any dating or relationship experience you can go through. She is known as a Man Magnet, enjoys romantic relationships with Men that she is crazy about, has great relationships with all the men in her life, and is treated like a queen by everyone. She wants you to feel like you are the most important person in this world and worthy of the man you desire. She also strives to help woman recognize all the great men that are already there in their lives right now!!!

To work with Liz sign up for an interview above or check out the digital programs she has ready for you to enjoy now!!!