Recorded Group Coaching Calls

This was a short and sweet call about how to get ready for online dating, some great things to have in your profile as well as the energy behind online dating. I also go into what dating platforms are good to use.

This call talks about building connection with guys in the friend zone, The difference between masculine and feminine energy, when its unbalanced and how to balance it out again. How to release a crush and overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you holding onto him. And finally really loving yourself and how you can't hide yourself if you want to have the love you want

"Friend zoning" guys and avoiding attaching too quickly. The process of unattaching so you can have space for something better

Life will always have problems and things that can stress you out, breaking the rules and following your intuition, being sexy for you is the sexy you want to be!!!

In this call we talk about the ending of a relationship that we don't feel a connection with, how to have a strong vibrant relationship and still have your independence and freedom, and we talk about what to do when people tell you, you are too intimidating!!!

This was an amazing call about how to overcome past relationships so you can feel confident and actually do want to have a new relationship. And what to do about guys you are obsessing over, or men that keep coming into your thoughts. Lastly this call talks about how to attract the man you want to pay attention to you, at any time!!!

Talking about how to determine Limiting beliefs around guys, how you can relate them back to yourself and solve them. The little details in your Life Make the difference. Speaking your truth and keeping your commitments to yourself. Private coaching on problems you are going through right now!!!! The scary action to take that will change your life!!!

This call goes over a live Coaching process of limiting beliefs and how to get rid of the ones blocking your life. The actions to take with those limiting beliefs and the scary actions to take the will heal your dating life faster than anything (Speaking your truth) . I also go into when to express your interest and how, and the fact that you are always right!!!

How to shift out of anxiety, the steps to take when your body is giving you signs that you need to change

Going from feelings of rejection to those of attraction. How men communicate and commit. How we determine whether or not a man is emotionally available for us or not.