Attract the Man You Want

Attract the Man You Want


All you need to know to date anyone you want

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A Badass Queen Like you Deserves a Badass King

Do you feel like…

-You are pining over someone you can't have?

-All the Guys you like are already taken?

-Only guys you don't want anything to do with ask you out?

-You intimidate guys and that's why they won't ask you out or stay in a relationship with you?

-No guy can really handle you?

-Lonely and really want someone to share life with?

-You are totally amazing and have no idea why you are still single?

-You have incredible High Standards, that no guy seems to measure up to?

Do you want…

-Be in an amazing relationship with a man you love and adore and he loves and adores you?

-To take any situation with a guy and turn it into attracting ones you want?

-To feel safe around all men, and not feel threatened by the "icky" ones?

-To Attract your dream man?

-To be open and available so your man can find you?

-To feel feminine and powerful at the same time around men?

-To stop attracting Boys who are intimidated by you and attract Men that adore you for you?

-To Rock any date you go on?

-To feel confident and secure no matter what is going on in your dating life?

Here is what you will learn:

- How being your true self and expressing your desires attracts the man you want

-How to set boundaries so you can feel safe to be your true self

-How to interact with Men in way that is empowering to you and attract Men of High Quality

-What to do when you feel hopeless and turn it into a way of attracting Men

-How to handle rejecting Men and how to handle rejection from Men

-The Best Questions for an amazing first date and how to secure a second one

-How to keep your energy and vibration high so you can keep attracting men 

-How to use any date to grow yourself and attract even better dates

-How to balance between being strong and a go getter and being feminine and recieving

-How to shift the energy in your relationship right now so he starts chasing you

-How to go from chasing to being pursed... hard

-How to know when to keep going in a relationship and when to pull out